Friday, September 28, 2007

Oma visits NY

I worry abut my eating habits when I get [to NY]. My body seems so used to having foods at a regular time that it worries me to take a trip because one can't have that so handy. But I will work it out somehow. I know you are not a meat eater but I need proteins (not cheese altho I love love it, it doesn't love me anymore), I know you eat a lot of salads, I don't eat any, ha. But love lettuce. So maybe if you have a loaf of bread of some kind and some cold cuts in a package anything I could make a sandwich if we are in the apt. and it's near noon, and maybe a coffee cake for $3.98 or something sweet.

From a follow-up email later in the day:
Hi, listen when I mentoned Cheese, I Do eat Pizza tho no matter what. I have been getting the veggie pizza at Schlotsky's and boy is it good.....Do that when we go to church.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

After I get a good story going

Three weeks ago they recalled my Cadillac for seatbelt readjustment. They gave me a new one. Two nites ago I wanted to put mine on and the band won't go into the slot. However, thru some crazy thing that ONLY I COULD DO...a piece of small paper (like a receipt) got trapped in my front seatbelt lock. Can't believe it. If I take it to Caddy and explain it he may charge me $100 or more for fixing it or changing seat belt. So Fri. I'm taking it in and just saying the new seat belt doesn't work. Of course, he will find the thin slip of paper inside the fastener and tell me that's what caused it. I then have to look at him in a stupified manner and say, "Oh, my, how could that get in the lock? It must have been when my granddaughter ha ha ha ha ha ha drove the car last week."

So maybe with that story he will give me a free belt and lock. Is that o.k. with you Diva?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? I can just see you reading this and saying, "I can't believe Oma would do that" to your mom or someone. Hahahahahahahaha I just won't tell them your name and address. Hahahahahahahah I'm sure there will be no charge after I get a good story going.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Healthy, wealthy, wise and beautiful

City Island is not far, you must visit there sometime. We didn't swim there but I met a cute guy there who was going to Rensselaer institute to study aeronautical engineering and dated him for a while. Met him at a Polish dance one Sat nite. Real nice tall blonde handsome guy. He also owned a sailboat since he lived with his brother and family at City Island, and they sailed a lot.

My dermatologist now calls anyone with a mole or several hundred of them on their backs etc. SUN WORSHIPPERS.....others too have said, "Oh those come from when you are young, they do not develop when you are older. Usually people who were sun worshippers in their youth have them." I never heard of that term before and didn't consider myself one...but must admit I WAS...

Taking off your bathing suit at home to shower and seeing the gorgeous browned skin made you feel healthy, wealthy and wise and beautiful and ready to take on the world. I still remember the feeling. I always wore a one piece suit. I was very thin about 120 lbs. always and one bathing suit was sort of a pinkish lavender with shiny speckles of silver and it was all puckered, one piece...Really cute.

But I dont remember ever going to the beach with Opa, he came from a different world...So a bathing suit never was the "eye catcher" for catching Opa, it was the tight white top and bright red short shorts that I wore that did it. I remember it well!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Life Day with Regis

Mayor Bloomberg was just on giving Regis and Kathy a plaque to call today or some day Life Day with Regis or something. They were grateful. He was talking about the movie industry and how it started in N.Y. C. and then took off to Calif....well now they are getting it back and he said every day you will see camera men and actors etc. etc. in the streets shooting or just doing their other work in movie industry and TV in N. Y. ........So I'm thinking of you and hope you run into one of them that catches your beauty and gets you in the industry. MY BEAUTY QUEEN.....they WILL find you....

Sunday, September 2, 2007

It had the colors of a Picasso. All cotton. Stunning skirt and material.

You know I was in a store yesterday and there were three long gorgeous skirts, and I wondered if you ever wear long ankle length skirts with a sweater or some kind of top in your lifestyle?????? Work, or dressy? If I sewed I would have bought them for myself and if I was younger.

The first was the most beautiful Indian type print cotton long wrap around skirt in a shade of green/blue/aqua I have ever seen with (those bright Indian cloth colors) and partially with a beautiful print. If you opened it you would have a great amount of cloth to make whatever you wanted, a short skirt with a vest or top to match etc. etc., or wear it with any solid colored top. It had the colors of a Picasso.
All cotton. Stunning skirt and material. It tied on the side.

Second was a black polyester with some small flowers and at the bottom a 4 inch border of larger flowers, waist elasticized. Doesn't sound as lovely as it was with any solid top for any time of day or nite. Very lightweight.

Third was a reddish Indian cloth skirt, gorgeous shade of deep red with marvelous print (again Indian), don't remember what type waistband, down the front it had this two inch piece of cloth which was attached to the skirt but looked like it would open the skirt. Unusual to describe. These two skirts looked like they were well made. Gorgeous.

Next was all black polyester but one would never believe looked like 100 per cent cotton. It was solid black lace over solid black cotton. I could see it in a fashion book.

So I'm just writing about these skirts because they really caught my eye, and at that time i wondered if you ever wear long skirts or do you wear short, short skirts, when you don't wear jeans or pants.

Because of your lifestyle which is so diversified it is hard for me to try and guess what your style is at this time in N. Y. C. with your jobs and life. Do you mostly always wear jeans and a top? What about when it gets real hot? Do you wear those short short skirts with a top? If you have a moment let me know, it's fun to think about clothes sometimes instead of other things........

Saturday, September 1, 2007

You are just too handsome now for "words."

This is from a letter that Oma recently sent to my brother:

Saw a movie called GEORGIA RULES with Jane Fonda, which is about some Mormons etc. who live in Idaho. It mentions Boise on the road sign and the country side was beautiful. Full of mountains and all. Everyone knew everything going on in the town and every personal thing about the other. It was a pretty good movie, the handsome guy she falls in love with at the end in some way resembles you.

Now he has long blondish hair so there is no comparison there, but he is thin and I know you have lost weight and are just too handsome now for "words." But there is something in his look and eyes that reminds me of you. They really meet in a funny way and he falls in love with her immediately altho he is planning on going to a Mormon retreat or something for one year out of the country...IS THAT YOU??? HA

...whatever you call that disease where people need LIGHT.

How is weather there? Probably better than our Jan. and Februaries here. Gosh are they dull and grey. We are thankful for every sunny day there is. We had two this weekend...Ha.

If I lived in a snowy, dark place, like a more Northern area, I'd be in big trouble, as I think I might have SIDS or whatever you call that disease where people need LIGHT. I keep at least three lights on in the house all the time. Ha.

One deserves a new commode after 40 years.

We aren't going to Church tonite because I'm too lazy to drive.

Just had a new commode put in the main bath. Can't even tell except that it's immaculate. Also shaped more like an almond. Ha. As you know I scratched the old one up taking water out.

Now I'm glad I did after 40 years. One deserves a new commode after 40 years.