Monday, October 26, 2009

Secret eyebrow signal to ditch a party

A sense of accomplishment

It's been a crazy but accomplishing week. Started out by breaking the front door lock, which is OK now. Then Monday lost my tooth bridge, which was a hard job for him to put back.

Friday, October 23, 2009

City girl + cowhand

Would you believe that when I was young, a city girl, whenever we went to the Catskill Mountains in the summer, there were these great looking farmers and cowhands doing their farm work probably on their parents' farms, which were like bed and breakfasts, only on farm property. Very nice though. Gosh, I must have fallen in love twenty times. This is the type of guy I wanted to marry. Caring for animals, working hard, handsome, sweet, not afraid of work, I had all these fantasies in my mind that were totally crazy.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Even tho it's just part of the marketing program

I'm at Farm Fresh buying something and want a book of stamps. The guy who was waiting on me says to another guy, hey John can you get this BEAUTIFUL lady a book of stamps. I know he must have been blind, but it felt good being talked to that way again...even tho it's just part of the marketing program in the store. I walked out of the store nearly crying, thinking, when does a 78 year-old woman get spoken to like this????????????????

Cheery poem

I now have to write your dad a cheery poem for work like,
God bless your day and let them Pay.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Marvelous brownies = suffering

Had a nice time with J yesterday. She brings over these marvelous
brownies and they are thick with nuts and I shouldn't eat them but did.
So here we go suffering a little again. Will have to watch diet and eat
non fibrous foods today. 

Pimp shoes

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hole in the floor, it was all good

So we drove down...[to] the SURF AND TURF restaurant...Nice. And we had a great young waitress, so funny. I had just 10 shrimp as an appetizer, rolls, and coffee, [and E] had crab cake sandwich and french fries, it was all good. 

We laughed because my coffee cup was so full I asked [the waitress] to take some out, and she turned around and (not angry) just poured it on the carpet. We looked astonished and E said, did you pour the coffee on the carpet? She said, yes we always do that. We laughed, she laughed and it made the whole dinner funny. We couldnt believe it. We started saying, I thought there was a hole in the floor and this is what you waitresses do, pour stuff into the floor hole. 

Oma weighs in on crack