Friday, August 31, 2007

With my hair done I shall have to sleep sitting up tonite.

It was funny because I haven't shampooed my hair probably for one year now. I've had it done every two weeks. Which means, as you know, I have to keep it in for church and wherever I go, and that isn't easy when it's windy, rainy and just awful weather here since Jan and Feb, Mar and now April. At first I was able to do it pretty well, but as you know after a cut sometimes it doesn't look as good as you thought, then the frosting comes out and it's always a "going around circles type situation."

I had it foiled a little several months ago and was happy. However, no one ever said anything. Couldn't believe it, since there were blond streaks going down the front bang, delicately done. I was happy. Didn't look cheap. Good job. So I had to make the decision that people were jealous..Hahahahahahahah. Especially the old ladies my age who believe God gave us gray hair to convey our years of wonderful experiences of LIFE we have had. B.....S..... But the last few weeks I have had it teased more smoothly like a pageboy type in front and so it shows off the frosting more, but the hairstyle came out quicker. It stands to reason that ladies who frost their hair wear their hair smooth not teased. The teasing hides the frosting. But it was funny today I went in to have it cut and shampooed and teased up some and then came home and received your note. It was sort of funny, but so cute. Opa and I laughed. As you know, as the teasing comes down I still like the "do". At my age I'm happy that I still have hair on my head, some women get balding spots during menopause in their 40's. Its awful, and sad.I've abused my hair so much over the years its a wonder I still have any hair on my head. I must be lucky. It's like my face........... I never paid much attention to my skin much either until about 45 when I started using moisturizing cream. Used soap all my life. I'm sure that shocks you, who have taken care of your skin at an early age.....that's good.

Well thanks for the little sweet card, with my hair done I shall have to sleep sitting up tonite. Ha. Thats one thing about letting it "go." Bed is so comfortable as you toss your head from one side to another not caring about a "do."

Showed my dentist's asst. your photo the other day, as she knew your dad as a patient over there. As everyone........she was flabbergasted at your beauty..........You just Wow them all.

Are you able to WOW any guys yet down there, or no time for such trivial matters????

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jenene said...

thank goodness for oma!